Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Life on the Ship: Crew Bar

We're all sober. Honestly. Okay mostly.
A player on my table recently asked me about the social life on board the ship. He seemed bewildered by the prospect. He didn't know how we managed to be social when the majority of the crew is prohibited from entering the public ship areas. I think he thought we live in a warren with doors that only lead in or out. I told him that living here is like living in a dorm at college. People leave their doors open so you can wander along the corridors and find people to pop in on and say hi to, play video games with, or watch a movie with. There are also top areas like 7 Forward and 6 Aft that I'll get into later. But the highlight for most of us is the crew bar, open from 10pm to 2am, which you will now receive a tour of, courtesy of moi.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Floatplane Trip to Taku Lodge

I should have cropped this to make it look like I was the pilot.

As crew we can sometimes obtain discounted rates for some of the activities/excursions that are available to the guests. One such activity that the casino staff took advantage of was the Taku Glacier Lodge Flight & Feast.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birdwatching Broke Me

That there is a volcano.

I wrote in an earlier post that one of the perks of being a crew member is the opportunity to escort tours and essentially do them for free. I've signed up for my preferred tours in every port for these first two cruises and not gotten a single one. While I understand that I have to pay my dues, I finally had to say no to tour sign-ups, at least for the duration of this cruise. Why? It wasn't the city tour of Victoria that I was given against my will. Nor the city tour of Vancouver that I also didn't request.

It was birdwatching.